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Chalkidiki, also referred to as Halkidiki, is a peninsula in northern Greece, and one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the region of Central Macedonia. The autonomous Mount Athos region does not belong to the regional unit of Chalkidiki, although it is part of the peninsula. The capital of Chalkidiki is the main town of Polygyros, located in the centre of the peninsula.

The first Greek settlers in this area came from Chalcis and Eretria, cities in Euboea, around the 8th century BC who founded cities such as Mende, Toroni and Scione; a second wave came from Andros in the 6th century BC. The ancient city of Stageira was the birthplace of the great philosopher Aristotle.

When in Chalkidiki, don't forget to visit Nea Moudania, Stageira (the birthplace of Aristotle), Neos Marmaras, Portokali Beach, Kalamitsi, Ouranopolis and Porto paradiso.

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