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The island of Cephalonia or Kefalonia or Cephallonia, is the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece. The capital of Cephalonia is Argostoli.

An archaeological survey in the area of Leivatho has discovered dozens of sites, with dates ranging from the Palaeolithic to the Venetian period. Cephalonia is one of the most interesting greek islands , from an archaeological point of view. Archaeological finds go back to 40,000 BP. The most important era for the island is the Mycenaean era, from approximately 1500-1100 B.C. The archaeological museum in Argostoli is regarded as the most important museum in Greece for its exhibits from this era.

Some of the best sights on the island include the monastery of saint Gerasimos, Makris Gialos Beach, Myrtos Beach, Melissani Underground Lake and Saint George's castle, that was originally built in the 12th century by the Byzantines , but it was mostly the Venetians who gave it its present form.

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