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Mytilini is one of the oldest cities in the world, probably inhabited since the 10th century BC. Ancient Mytilini was an islet, just to the east off the coast of Lesvos, where now the medieval castle stands, separated from the larger island by the channel of Euripus, which connected the north harbour (also called the "old harbour") and the south harbour (also called the "new harbour"). The channel was later filled, thereby joining the islet to the larger island.

The south harbour is the main harbour, protected by a long pier; it has an outer part containing the marina and commercial port on one side and the ferry port at the other side, with inbetween an almost circular small inner harbour whose waterfront is formed by P. Kountouriotou street.

When you visit Mytilini, walk around and enjoy the architecture, which combines many styles from different periods. There are even Byzantine and Ottoman archaeological remnants around the medieval castle and elsewhere. Don't miss the Agora (center market place). The New Archaeological Museum presents a fine collection of sculpture, pottery and mosaic panels; most of it is labeled in English as well as Greek. The church operates a small but well organized Byzantine museum across from the fine baroque church of Hagios Therapon, a local saint.

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